Quality Engineering Coach Camp

The Quality Engineering Coach Camp (QECC) is a one-day unconference.

The goal of the day is to collect real experiences on implementing Quality Engineering at an organisation. Quality Engineering has emerged recently in recognition that a ‘Quality is a Team Responsibility” and that everyone has a part to play in improving quality. However, not everyone knows how.

We’re looking at all aspects of Quality from Story Splitting to Observability. We invite anyone interested in product quality, code quality, architecture, devops quality, deployment and operations to join us for a day of sharing knowledge and experience.

All participants are invited to contribute with an experience on quality engineering (good or bad).

Key QECC Details

Date: TBD  (Saturday) February 2019

City: Sydney, Australia (location TBD)

Cost: TBD (hopefully low)

There will be a minimal charge to cover expenses incurred (lunch, venue, and organiser time). Sponsorship will help keep the price low. If you have a venue or you would like to sponsor this event, please contact me at annemarie@testingtimes.com.au

If this event interests you fill in the form below and we will keep you informed on how the event is progressing.

Code of Conduct

We’re looking for a group of volunteers willing to put together a code of conduct. If interested please contact Anne-Marie at annemarie@testingtimes.com.au


We are looking for sponsors and/or companies willing to host the 1-day event on a Saturday.

Contact annemarie@testingtimes.com.au for more information.